Gerasimos Andreatos was born 1962 in Athens, Greece. From an early age, he began taking music lessons with Panagiotis Vesmediotis and Themis Papavassiliou, and vocal lessons with Francis Voutsinos, Tasos Apostolou and George Misailidis.

Hia first proffesional steps

He began singing professionally in 1985.

In 1991 he recorded for the first time in discography, but the participation that made him widely known was the one on Vangelis Korakakis´s album "Lavrion" in 1993. During the next year with Vangelis Korakakis again, he records his first solo album, το «"Pikro Fili"..


From then until now, his participations in discography and live performances as a singer, musician (playing the bouzouki and baglama), and sometimes as a composer, are continuous and varied

Although his personal records are only a few, his participations in discography are more than 60. A few of those recordings have played a decisive role on his path, such as "Chroma den alazoune ta matia" by Dimitris Papadimitriou and Mihalis Ganas (1997). 

His collaborations

But most importantly is that over the years, he has collaborated in recordings, concerts and musical programs, with most songwriters and singers of his generation but also with most of the composers, singers and musicians of previous generations. Apart from the creators of the recordings in his albums, he has collaborated for concerts and other musical programs, with composers such as Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hadjidakis, Yiannis Markopoulos, Yannis Spanos, with singers such as Dimitra Galani, George Dalaras, Haris Alexiou, Glykeria, Chronis Aidonidis, Haris and Panos Katsimihas, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Eleni Vitali...

He´s one of the most distinctive singers of his era for his excellent folk voice, and for the rigorous and consistent artistic choices and pursuits.